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SoftLight Laser System Maintenance Provided by Focus Medical SoftLight: Lasting Beauty at the speed of light

Focus Medical Provides Exclusive Worldwide Service for SoftLight Lasers

As the Original Manufacturer, Focus Medical Now Serves All Telsar Laboratories Customers

SoftLight Lasers Now Serviced by Focus MedicalBethel, CT – October 1, 2012Focus Medical, manufacturer of NaturaLase laser equipment for cosmetic dermatology today announces that they are now the exclusive provider of service, parts and supplies for SoftLight Lasers. Focus Medical also is the only manufacturer to sell new SoftLight lasers under the NaturaLase brand.

For over 12 years, Focus Medical has provided parts and supplies to Telsar Laboratories and ThermoLase on an OEM basis, who private-labeled them as "SoftLight Series," including the model LT100. SoftLight was successfully sold to both day and medical spas around the world as a low-energy laser that utilizes a proprietary, light-absorbing lotion to remove excess hair and put an end to routine shaving. SoftLight became well known for leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother and silkier, and a gentle, non-invasive alternative to removing hair with waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, and depilatory treatments.

In March 2012, Telsar Laboratories shut down its operations for good after 29 years in business. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Focus Medical is now the only company to provide service, parts, supplies, technical support, and customer service for SoftLight lasers. Maintenance service includes both break-fix repair and annual or multi-year service contracts. No other company has the expertise, training or authorization to support SoftLight customers.

"I am the engineer that designed the SoftLight Laser System with a patent in my office to prove it. No one knows SoftLight's capabilities and flaws better than I," said Focus Medical founder and president, John Lee. "Since Telsar went under earlier this year, we are now the only company that can provide service, parts and supplies for SoftLight lasers. For those needing SoftLight maintenance, we can come onsite anywhere in the world and fix it as well as provide post-warranty service contracts. For those looking to replace their SoftLight system but love how it works, they'll be happy to know that they can get a completely modernized version of it in our model, the NaturaLase 1064, or upgrade to the NaturaLase QS especially for tattoo removal."

The original SoftLight Laser System is available, as it has been for years, as the Focus Medical NaturaLase 1064. In addition to providing all the standard SoftLight treatments, the NaturaLase Series sets a new standard of care for the removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions. The NaturaLase 1064 can also be upgraded to the NaturaLase QS, the highest energy Q-switched system in the world—the "Gold Standard for all color tattoo removal." The NaturaLase QS offers multiple wavelengths for removal of multi-colored tattoos. Additional wavelengths will also help removal of difficult dermal/epidermal pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. New NaturaLase products include the C02 and the 980, and all equipment is manufactured in the U.S.

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Focus Medical develops best-in-class aesthetic lasers and light based devices marketed under the NaturaLase and NaturaLight brands. Focus Medical specializes in lasers for hair removal, wrinkle reduction, vascular lesions, and other cosmetic treatments. Focus Medical's engineering and technology emphasis has produced systems that lead the industry with superior performance, higher energies and better ease of use. As a growing laser company, Focus Medical both embraces and thrives in its role as a customer-focused, technology-leading laser manufacturer. The company enjoys a warm rapport with the many physicians who use its lasers.

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