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SoftLight Laser System Maintenance Provided by Focus Medical SoftLight: Lasting Beauty at the speed of light

SoftLight Laser Peel
Formerly Marketed by ThermoLase & Telsar Laboratories

Pure Light. Pure Complexion. Pure Genius.

SoftLight Chemical PeelSoftLight's breakthrough technology reveals your skin's inner radiance and puts a dramatically softer, more even-toned face forward.

All the benefits of a chemical peel—without all the chemicals or the harmful side effects. Using safe, proven technology, SoftLight redefines what laser skin treatments are all about. SoftLight's dramatic exfoliation brightens your complexion and evens your tone without harsh acids or abrasive scrubs. And SoftLight's pure, clean laser light removes your skin's tough, dull outer layer to reveal younger skin beneath. Best of all, the SoftLight Laser Peel deeply exfoliates your skin for lasting results* you can see and enjoy right away.

Advanced technology. Outstanding results. The SoftLight Laser Peel operates at a safe yet effective energy level for remarkable, long-lasting results. It is effective for all skin colors and ideal for sun-damaged skin. In fact, physicians have noted that the SoftLight Laser Peel exfoliates the skin's surface layers so you will feel your skin is tighter and more supple.

Exfoliation with the SoftLight Laser Peel:

Talk with your SoftLight Skincare Specialist about other skin care programs as a follow-up to the SoftLight Laser Peel. He or she will help you to determine the program that's right for your skin.

The SoftLight Laser Peel is the ultimate in convenience. You may return to normal activities immediately after your treatment. And you can develop a multi-treatment regimen for even greater benefits. Intensive and results-oriented, the SoftLight Laser Peel performs like no other non-invasive facial peel treatment on the market. And it's easy to see why.

Feel the difference. See the results. Clinical photographs show facial skin immediately before beginning treatments and after the third SoftLight Laser Peel Treatment.

* In clinical findings, skin continued to show noticeable benefits up to six months after SoftLight treatment. Individual results may vary.

SoftLight Service, Parts, Supplies & Support

SoftLight Laser Peel from Telsar Laboratories & ThermoLaseFocus Medical is the manufacturer of the SoftLight Laser System, formerly marketed by Telsar Laboratories and ThermoLase. Focus Medical now offers service, parts, supplies, and support to all SoftLight owners.

John Lee, CEO of Focus Medical, is the original designer of the SoftLight Laser and Focus Medical has been continuously manufacturing this product along with the NaturaLase line of products.

Focus Medical is internationally recognized as the manufacturer of advanced lasers and the NaturaLase QS (a direct decedent of the SoftLight) is the most advanced Q-Switched laser available.

Read the SoftLight Service press release here

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