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SoftLight Laser System Maintenance Provided by Focus Medical SoftLight: Lasting Beauty at the speed of light

SoftLight Hair Removal
Formerly Marketed by ThermoLase & Telsar Laboratories

SoftLight Hair Removal & Skin Care System: advanced technology for the lasting removal of excess and unwanted hair

SoftLight Chemical PeelThree Steps to Beautiful Skin

  1. Skin Preparation
  2. SoftLight Treatment
  3. Post Treatment Skin Care

SoftLight Hair Removal

SoftLight treatments work with hair growth cycles to deliver lasting results. Because hair grows in cycles, follow-up treatments are needed to treat any new growth. Multiple SoftLight treatments allow the laser to reach more hair follicles during the active growth phase (Anagen) for optimal results.

SoftLight Benefits: Imagine...

Imagination is reality... with SoftLight.

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"We have had a marvelous experience in providing treatments with the SoftLight Laser Hair Removal and SoftLight Laser Peel. The dramatic results that we have witnessed are simply outstanding." (JB, MD, dermatology center)

"SoftLight is a welcome addition to my practice. Patients tell friends about it and then bring them in for treatments. The procedure sells itself and is very reasonably priced." (DJP, MD, plastic surgeon)

"I have been exceedingly pleased with the safety of the technology, in that [SoftLight] has provided us with the ability to treat all skin and hair types with minimal cutaneous side effects." (RAS, skin laser center)

"Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the SoftLight Laser is the ThermoLase Corporation itself and the support that they offered our office." (DLL, MD, medical college professor)

"From marketing materials of the highest quality that are designed to increase name recognition to constant improvements in treatment technology, ThermoLase has worked in partnership with us to provide state-of-the-art service to our patients." (JCG, MD, otolaryngologist)

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SoftLight Service, Parts, Supplies & Support

SoftLight Laser System from Telsar Laboratories & ThermoLaseFocus Medical is the manufacturer of the SoftLight Laser System, formerly marketed by Telsar Laboratories and ThermoLase. Focus Medical now offers service, parts, supplies, and support to all SoftLight owners.

John Lee, CEO of Focus Medical, is the original designer of the SoftLight Laser and Focus Medical has been continuously manufacturing this product along with the NaturaLase line of products.

Focus Medical is internationally recognized as the manufacturer of advanced lasers and the NaturaLase QS (a direct decedent of the SoftLight) is the most advanced Q-Switched laser available.

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